What is The Carnatic Times?
A website that publishes interviews of Carnatic musicians and articles relating to Carnatic music.

What is its aim?
There are hundreds of brilliant Carnatic musicians, yet few magazines, newspapers and TV shows that give them exclusive print/screen space.

The lives of each of these musicians is an inspiring story waiting to be told. The Carnatic Times aims to tell these stories — the stories of our amazing musicians, their upbringing, training, practice, concerts, tours and so on.

Occasionally, organisers, patrons and extraordinary rasikas may be featured as well.Nivedita at Parthasarathy Swami Sabha 2

Who runs The Carnatic Times?
The Carnatic Times is run by me, Nivedita Narayanan. I’m a vocalist and a disciple of vidwan K.N. Shashikiran. I have been a TV anchor, hosting Carnatic music shows regularly on Doordarshan. I love interviewing Carnatic musicians and writing about Carnatic music.

My blog (though not recently updated) is here.

Why are you doing this?

The same reason you’re reading this — a passionate love for Carnatic music.

What do you get out of it?
Immense satisfaction!